Advocating For Your Child's Education Needs

Navigating the special education system can be a daunting task. As parents we are given reports, evaluations, notices and education plans. These documents are often written using terms that are unfamiliar and are difficult to understand. These documents provide the school's perspective but often fail to recognize your child's strengths or what you feel your child needs. Then you are asked to attend meetings and make informed decisions based on limited information. AOTS is here to help. We understand the special education system, the terminology the schools use and can help you simplify the information so it is easier to understand and you can be informed and empowered while discussing your child's educational needs.

Reviewing / Developing Your Child's IEP / 504 Plan

An individual education plans (IEP) is part of the special education process. This plan is a written agreement between you and your child’s school that outlines the special education services, supports and accommodations the school has agreed to provide. This document is important because any services or supports not specifically listed in the plan are not guaranteed and the school may not be obligated to provide.

A 504 plan is a formal plan that is put in place to ensure that child with a disability who may not qualify for special education services has equal access to an education. Under a 504 Plan your child may receive accommodations and modifications even if they do not qualify for special education.

AOTS can help you understand, develop and review these plans to ensure your child has an opportunity to receive a free appropriate public education and has the supports they need to be successful in school.

Identifying Local Providers to Evaluate Your Child

The Southern California area is home to hundreds of doctors, therapists and other clinicians who work with families to identify physical, social, emotional and cognitive disabilities. With so many options, how do you know where to begin? AOTS can assist you in connecting with local providers who are experts in their field, and are ready to help you identify what your child's needs are.

AOTS provides the following other services as well:
  • Consultation by phone or email regarding special education concerns;
  • Review all documents including IEPs, assessments, report cards, state testing and correspondence with the school;
  • Help prepare for IEP and 504 meetings;
  • Attend IEP and 504 meetings;
  • Educate parents and teach them self-advocacy skills;
  • Write letters to the School District or State Department of Education; and
  • Help prepare for Mediation or Due Process Hearing and referral to legal counsel if needed.
  • Vocational & Transition Planning for Young Adults;
  • Help parents bridge the achievement gap;
  • Provide strategic development and planning;
  • Assist with School Placement (Both Day and Residential);
  • Expulsion Hearings and Manifestation Determination Meetings;
  • Assistance with Mediation, ADR, and IDR for related IEP, 504, ADA Compliance;
  • Assist with Due Process preparation and hearings;
  • Link parents with a variety of community resources and supports, including tutors, therapists, assessors, assistive technology, and talent development opportunities;
  • Parent Coaching.

Local Service Area:

  • All of Riverside and San Diego County
  • Parts of Los Angeles and Orange County. (TBD case by case)

AOTS group also provides remote consulting services nationwide. Call our office today for more information.

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