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IHSS Advocate

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AOTS Group is looking for Independent Contractor- IHSS Advocates or Individuals that are knowledgeable navigating the IHSS waters. Applicants must know the following:




IHSS Program Categories;

Inter County Transfers;

Assessment Process;

Home visit protocols;

Interview Process;

Assessment Form (SOC 293);




Programs/Services that Interact with IHSS and How They Impact Assessments;

Notice of Actions (NOA);

Administrative Hearings.






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Legal Research

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AOTS Group is seeking Independent Contractors with legal research experience in the following various areas:


education law (including charter schools);

higher education;

special education;


IDEA & Section 504;

and discrimination.


Applicant must also be familiar with special education language and acronyms.

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Special Education Advocate

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AOTS Group plans to expand services. We are looking for experienced Special Education Advocates. The ideal candidate would be able to work in a fast paced environment. Excellent time management skills and case management knowledge. The following is a list of areas we are seeking applicants to be experienced in:


Special Education Advocacy and Dispute Resolution Consulting ;
Vocational & Transition Planning for Young Adults;
Strategic development and planning;
Attendance at IEP Meetings;
Review educational evaluations and, if necessary, request additional or independent evaluations (IEE);
School Placement (Day and Residential);
Assist with the review and development of all aspects of specialized plans, such as IEP's and 504 plans;
Expulsion Hearings and Manifestation Determination Meetings;
Assistance with Mediation, ADR, and IDR;
IEP, 504, ADA Compliance;
Due Process;
Collaboration with community resources and supports, including tutors, therapists, assessors, assistive technology, and talent development opportunities.




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AOTS Group is now seeking a Independent Contractor- Transcriptionist who will be able to work in house or remotely, transcribing interviews, focus groups and digital recordings into professional English transcripts. Must have transcription experience and high-speed internet connection required.

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