"Theresa Sester and AOTS Group came highly recommended to us when we had exasperated all communications with a District that is not child centered and Administrators that were far less than professional. We had worked tirelessly for over a year to advocate for our child to no avail and truly felt desperate as we saw our child slipping away. We contacted Theresa and upon our initial meeting we knew that we had found the missing piece of our puzzle. Theresa is justice minded, fair, incredibly well versed in the legalities of special education, and is the only one in the room that will direct the conversation to what is important, the child. She delivers information clearly, breaking down the law and how it applies to your child’s individual needs, knows what to ask for when and how to get the best outcomes based on your child’s goals. She expends a lot of time listening, taking the emotion out of the equation and gives you a tangible plan based on experience and expertise within the system. The most important thing that Theresa offers is peace of mind. She levels the complex playing field and informs you of what your child’s rights are so that you can see clearly what the law entitles and avoid the pitfall of emotion. It is hard for parents, especially new parents, to understand the legal document that is an IEP and what putting your signature means on the offer of FAPE. Without this essential understanding families are at a disadvantage in making decisions for their child’s academic future that unfortunately can lead to educational harm. She has turned around our experience in navigating the process for our five children and is by far the greatest decision we have made to date when it comes to their education.
Jennifer SmithParent
"Theresa Sester has been invaluable in my dealings with the school district. As a teacher, I thought I was capable of handling my son’s IEP as he entered middle school, I was wrong. It was a completely different environment. Theresa gave me the confidence to stay strong and focused. She is professional and always prepared. Every time she came to the IEPs’ (there have been several) she was completely familiar with my son’s current IEP, PBSP, goals and diagnostic reports. Without her, there would have been many things that I missed. She has made sure that my son is on a good path to a diploma and she will always be the second chair in every IEP. I wouldn’t go to one without her."
Sandy CowardParent/Teacher
"Simply....the very BEST Advocate and so greatful I have your support!
Sonia DrakeParent
"Teresa I am thankful to God for having sent you like an "Angel" to the rescue, when we were dealing with our local school district, your experience and knowledge in the child advocacy field is Outstanding! With all that you have done for our family we are forever grateful. "
Maria Sanchez OrtegaParent
“I contacted Theresa Sester for advocacy services when I had a disagreement with the school district regarding placement and services for my daughter. I had tried several times to resolve issues on my own, but without much knowledge in special education and the laws the district is obligated to follow, I had hit a brick wall. Theresa came highly recommended as an advocate and has provided me with endless amounts of knowledge and information pertaining to the IEP process. She has given me a better understanding of what an appropriate IEP entails, and has brought several issues to light for me that I did not see. The continuous and ongoing communication from Theresa when I have questions or concerns leaves me feeling confident and at ease when making special education decisions for my daughter. Theresa has been at my side for several IEP meetings and has demonstrated her expertise and extensive knowledge in special education. Within moments, anyone can clearly see that Theresa is passionate about advocating for children and ensuring they receive an appropriate education.”
A. ReaParent
"Theresa we would like to thank you for all that you have helped us to accomplish with our local school district. I never would have though as an educator that I would need the support of an advocate. Your level professionalism and understanding of our local educational system is amazing. You were the angel that came to us at the right time and we will never be able to thank you enough. We look forward to having you with us in future district meetings until the next time.."
Michael & Andrea HoyteParent/Teacher
"Dear Theresa, I very much so appreciated your services, making sure that my daughter was not overlooked and that she received the care she deserved during her chemotherapy treatment. I never had to hunt you down to make sure everything was in order, you always went above and beyond. Thank you for your help!"
S. SluderParent
"I found Theresa through another parent who literally was up against a wall with issues regarding the safety, health, and well being of their children- until he met her. I was, and had been, exhausting all of my knowledge FOR YEARS and getting no where! I was enthralled by what he was saying about her and how much she has helped his family. I got her number and it probably was the best decision of my LIFE! She came in like WILDFIRE and really got the schools attention! I was BLOWN away by the things she was pointing out that for years I missed! She has been to every single IEP meeting since, and they now take my son and his education seriously. Every parent wants their child to have the same opportunities available to them as every other child, when you see that not happening it hurts and its scary to think of the future of the kids caught in the middle. As Theresa continues to work with our family I am blown away by her knowledge and work ethic. She is PASSIONATE about her work, and it shows! The education of my son, and the treatment of my son has DRASTICALLY improved! BEST DECISION EVER!"
"I have worked with Theresa both professionally as a SLP and personally as the mother of a special needs daughter. She is very professional, energetic, and thorough. Theresa works very hard to make sure the school district provides the best services for your child. I recommend her to all of my clients."
Lynne L.Parent/SLPTemecula Valley Therapy Services
"Working with Ms. Sester has been an excellent experience. She is extremely through, detail oriented, and forward thinking. We feel more comfortable than we ever have before knowing she is part of our team. Ms. Sester has attended several IEPs with us and was instrumental in our settlement negotiations with the school district."
Coleman R.Parent
"Theresa is an excellent advocate for students. She is compassionate, hard working , tenacious! I love working with her!."
Wendy HousmanParent & Special Education Parent Attorney
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