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Theresa Sester Founder Advocate

I'm a special education parent advocate and dispute resolution specialist. I work with families with disabled children ages 3-22 to ensure they receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). More specifically, I assist families in the following areas: IDEA; IEP meetings; 504 planning and compliance; manifestation determinations/expulsions; change of placements, including residential and day school; due process hearings; suspensions, IHSS, as well as ADA civil rights. If you find yourself frustrated with a situation involving your child with a disability and your school district, I can help you navigate those waters. I am not a licensed attorney, but my services are 1/4 the cost. I can not guarantee that you will get the same results that you would get from a licensed attorney, but it may be worth it to give me a call first. Call our office today.

  • theresa@aotsgroup.com

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Kellee Mierkiewicz Advocate

The special education world has laws and a specific language that can be very confusing and intimidating to the uninformed. Too often a child can be erroneously or intentionally classified to fit ‘cookie cutter’ services the school provides rather than address your child’s unique needs with their best interest at heart. It is important to ensure that the services and accommodations committed to your child are actually executed and documented with the appropriate supporting evidence and data.

As a parent of an elementary age child with special needs (ADHD, Anxiety, SPD) I understand how scary it can be to try and advocate for your child’s educational needs on your own. As a Special Education Parent Advocate, I review and evaluate records for adequacy; such as Individualized Education Program (IEPs), evaluations and school records to determine if the goals, accommodations, services and placement are appropriate and establish what services, goals and accommodations are needed for your child to make progress. In addition, I will prepare you for IEP team meetings, manifestation meetings and placement meetings and when needed, attend these meetings with you. Further, upon reviewing your case, I can assist you in connecting with appropriate community resources, assessors, therapists and medical professionals to build a private support team for your child.

I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Barat College with a Minor in Medical Sociology. In addition, I earned an M.S. in Clinical Psychophysiology from California School of Professional Psychology San Diego - CSPP (now Alliant University), where I specialized in anxiety related disorders and conditions.

I approach each case with a passion you would expect from an advocate for your child. Let’s work together to create a strategic plan for a positive outcome for your child.

  • kellee@aotsgroup.com


Olga Duran Logistic Facilitator

More info to come...
  • olga@aotsgroup.com
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