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AOTS Group offers education advocacy, resources, & support to families across California. We believe every child must have an equal chance to learn, to achieve and to contribute, to graduate ready to attend college or pursue a career, to secure a meaningful job, to earn money, and to be a productive and contributing member of his or her community.

If you would like to discuss your child's education needs, schedule an appointment by emailing or calling our office today.

Office (951) 251-4437 or theresa@aotsgroup.com

In 20 U.S.C. 1401(c)(5), Congress found that 30 years of research and experience has taught us that effective education of students with disabilities requires: having high expectations; strengthening the role and responsibility of parents; coordinating IDEA with other educational service and school improvement efforts; providing appropriate, individualized special education and related services and aids and supports in the general education classroom; supporting high-quality, intensive pre-service preparation and professional development for all personnel who work with children with disabilities; providing incentives for whole-school approaches; scientifically based early reading programs, positive behavioral interventions and supports; and supporting the use of technology.

AOTS Group knows first-hand that when IDEA and other federal and state laws are implemented as intended, and the IEP team works collaboratively, the team becomes a powerful force and this force is at its greatest when every member of a team contributes something positive toward meeting an end goal. The end goal of course is for the student - to have a real shot at life enrichment as the result of receiving a meaningful, quality education.

Many children struggle in school, and often time parents are forced to seek answers on their own because the school system doesn't provide them. AOTS Group can help you understand the special education process and help you obtain the educational supports and services appropriate for your child. Call our office today (951) 251-4437.

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