9 days, 3 hours, 2 minutes & 8 seconds until the Wrightslaw Special Education Conference in Temecula, CA – UPDATE

AOTS Group is delighted to announce that AUTISM SPECTRUM CONSULTANTS, INC. will be will be a BRONZE SPONSOR of the 2014 Wrightslaw Special Education Law & Advocacy Conference Presented by: AOTS Group on November 21, 2014 @ Pechanga Resort and Casino. AUTISM SPECTRUM CONSULTANTS, INC. have several locations throughout Southern California and provide a wide range of effective and creative behavior therapy services, ranging from assessments to intensive Applied Behavior Analysis programs in a variety of settings (home, school, and/or community). They understand that each child, adolescent, and adult they treat is unique, and strive to create individualized programs that address the strengths and deficits of each learner in order to maximize their success.
"At Autism Spectrum Consultants, Inc., we believe in offering exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis services by providing TREATMENT WITH HEART".
AUTISM SPECTRUM CONSULTANTS, INC There is considerable empirical evidence that early intensive behavior analytic intervention produces large and lasting functional improvements in many children with autism. Scientifically validated studies are now documenting those children on the spectrum who can achieve “Optimal Outcomes” which include having the diagnosis of autism removed. While only a small percentage of children achieve this optimal outcome, ABA is well-documented as the most valid method of improving overall functioning in children with autism (Fein, Barton, Eigsti, Kelley, Naigels, Schultz, Stevens, Helt, Orinstein, Rosenthal, Troyb and Tyson, 2013) Regardless of where the child, teen, or adult falls on the autism spectrum, ASC can design and implement an individualized, comprehensive behavioral and educational program that addresses the individual needs of each client.

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